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Textile Recycling

Charity Clothing Donations

Several charities will redistribute second hand clothing to the poor and elderly, or sell them in their thrift stores to fund their charitable work, so why not contact them if you are having a clear out of your closet.


Dress for Success

Dress for Success collects suits and business clothing for women for redistribution to poor and disadvantaged women within the local community. The clothing donated allows poor women in the community to attend job interviews for business and management careers.

Go to the clothing donations page on the Dress for Success website for mroe information on what items they will accept.

There are Dress for Success location in Essex, Hudson, Mercer and Morris counties in New Jersey. To find the nearest location to you, click here.

NJ County Clothing Collections

Your local county recycling center may also collect textiles and clothing for redistribution to charity organizations so check your local county website for more details.

Donate Blue Jeans for Insulation Manufacturing

As an alternative to using fiberglass insulation several companies now use old blue jeans to make an environmentally friendly, sustainable form of insulation.

Green Jeans Insulation collects and redistributes old blue jeans that will later be manufactured into insulation pads for homes and businesses.

To donate your jeans simply mail the jeans to

Green Jeans Insulation Inc.
5821 Femrite Drive
Madison, WI 53718

Cotton from Blue to Green also collects blue jeans that will be recycled into insulation padding. Check out the details on their website for more information.


Bold and Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful offer apparel pick-up and home clear-out services collecting clothes, shoes, brik-a-brac and other household items (coats inner and outer wear dishes Jewlery wigs pictures frames small statues artificial plants and flowers hats gift boxes blankets sheets umbrellas, kids wears and other small objects and items, including toys, and some small baby furniture).

Contact Bold and Beautiful, Mon-Sat, by calling 609-424-8468 or by email to 

Small fees paid by seller $50-$150 depending on the size of the load. 


Up cycling

Up cycling is the modern term for converting an old item into something new. Why not make your old clothes into a cushion or a bag. All you need is a needle and thread and a little imagination.